Meerkats Go Nuts Over Tiny Mailbox for Santa Claus Letters

Meerkats at the London Zoo are making tiny lists for Santa.
Let's hope the meerkats were nice and not naughty. London Zoo

Meerkats at the ZSL London Zoo are losing their little minds over a tiny mailbox for Santa Claus letters that was placed in their enclosure.

Staff recently put a miniature red post box market "Santa Mail" in the meerkat's home to see how they'd react. Just to pique their interest, the workers stuffed crunchy crickets inside, a favorite of the mini mongooses.

The meerkats bugged out, sticking their pint-sized paws in the mail slot and knocking it over as they clambered to get at the insects.

Zookeeper Luke Taylor said the animals may have some wishes for Santa's list.

"All the meerkats want for Christmas is for people to visit the zoo this December," he said. The wildlife attraction has suffered greatly during closures prompted by the coronavirus epidemic, he said.

It reopened Wednesday and officials urged the public to visit with their families, wearing masks and keeping at safe distances, during the holiday season.


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