Meet the Breakout Stars of 'Roseanne' — Who Are Now Out of a Job After Twitter Uproar

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Now that ABC has axed "Roseanne," its actors, some of whom now breakout stars, are looking for gigs. 

Jayden Rey, 9, and Ames McNamara, 12, are the child stars from the series revival.

Rey played Mary Conner, Roseanne's adorable granddaughter. McNamara portrayed Mark, Roseanne’s gender fluid grandson.

Their starring roles on the ABC sitcom made them overnight sensations. 

Before they landed the landmark roles, they were trying to make it in showbiz. 

A YouTube video of Rey when she was 4 years old, singing into a hair brush while she still had her sights set on Hollywood, has resurfaced now that she has become famous. 

Last year, she appeared in a Marc Jacobs ad alongside Beyoncé. 

When she found out she would be starring on "Roseanne,” it was a dream come true.

"Been having the best time shooting Roseanne," she posted on Instagram late last year. 

Following Roseanne Barr's Twitter meltdown earlier this week, both child actors have been denied their chance at a season two of the show.

“Always something beautiful on the horizon," a hopeful McNamara posted on social media after learning of the show's cancellation.

Lauren Moraski, the managing editor of HuffPost's culture section, spoke to Inside Edition about the effect of the show's end on their young careers. 

"Very few shows get the ratings that 'Roseanne' did," she said. "I think they will be hard pressed to find something at this level, but give them some time and they will find their footing." 


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