Meet the Chef Who Dated Meghan Markle for 2 Years Before She Met Prince Harry

Cory Vitiello, a celebrity chef, owns a chain of chicken rotisserie restaurants in Toronto called Flock.

Before Meghan Markle had her prince, she had her chef: Cory Vitiello. 

Vitiello dated the actress for two years while she was shooting her TV show Suits in Toronto, where he owns a chain of chicken rotisserie restaurants called Flock.

A report in Britain’s Daily Telegraph says Markle was still Vitiello’s “partner” when Harry asked for her number.   

The chef hasn't discussed whether there is any truth to the story, but some are speculating that he took a dig at the actress following her engagement announcement. 

Right after Markle and the prince revealed they were roasting a chicken when Harry popped the question, he posted a video of chickens roasting with the caption, "Never gets old.” 

As Markle gets her wedding preparations underway, she is still learning proper royal protocol.

When she and Prince Harry made their first official public appearance since the engagement announcement on Friday, she was seen walking ahead of her fiancé, which is not proper. She’s supposed to stay a few paces behind.

Protocol experts say her skirt and turtleneck ensemble was perfect for her appearance with Harry Friday. 

On Monday, Harry was solo as he appeared at a carol service at Westminster Abbey.