Meet the Real-Life 'Bad Moms' Who Get Together to Party Twice a Month

The Long Island, New York, group of moms are inspired by the 2016 movie "Bad Moms."

They call themselves the real-life "Bad Moms."

Inspired by the 2016 movie "Bad Moms," this Long Island, New York, group of women gets together to let loose twice a month. 

But the group, which has more than 8,500 members on Facebook, is more than just a way to let off steam. The women also consult each other on their Facebook page whenever they have questions that might be NSFW.

"We have pretty simple rules, just be real and don't judge," one mom told Inside Edition at a recent gathering. 

Others explained that they need time for themselves

"I love my kids, but it can't just be about being with them every second of every day," said another mom. 

"And I feel like it makes me a better mom," chimed in a third.

Taking care of their kids will always come first, but taking care of themselves is important too.