Meet Shortcake, the World's Happiest Dog and New Social Media Sensation

Shortcake is the world's happiest dog.
Shortcake has thousands of social media fans.Facebook

The 6-year-old pit bull named Shortcake is burning up social media with her ever-present smile and is also known as "Queen of Naps" and "Eater of Poo."

A rescue pit bull that never stops smiling is now a darling of social media.

Shortcake, a 6-year-old pup living the California dream, has amassed thousands of fans for her ability to grin, no matter the circumstance.

The dog has 190,000 followers on Instagram and 407,100 followers on TikTok. 

Her bio reads, "First of Her Name, Queen of Belly Rubs, Breaker of Gas, Mother of Naps, Eater of Poo," the pit bull's social media bio states. "Saved by @FresnoBullyRescue now living that SoCal life."

Her Facebook page has more than 16,000 followers.

Mom Amy Matsushima said the dog arrived at Fresno Bully Rescue with severe mange and a hernia. There was no room at the shelter, but workers lodged her anyway, lured by her squishy face and big smile.

"I'm not sure why she smiles so much," Matsushima told Good Morning America. "I can't make her do it on cue. She'll do it when she's sleeping, riding in the car, [or] doing something she's not supposed to do."

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