New Dog Owner Learns That His Bulldog Only Understands Spanish

Stock image of a bulldog that looks similar to Brook's bulldog, Senor Snax.
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Brooks, who was given the dog for free, admits that it took him a little while to realize that his new four-legged friend didn't understand his native tongue.

He may be an “English” bulldog, but this adorable pooch only understands Spanish. 

Phrases like “Bien boy” ("Good boy") and “Dame La Mano,” ("Give Me Your Hand),” are some of his favorite commands, according to its new owner, Brooks, who admits that it took him a little while to figure it out.

Brooks, who hails from New Mexico, was gifted the animal for free and couldn’t understand why the pooch was not obeying any of his commands. He said  it wasn’t until he started speaking to him in Spanish that the pair suddenly bonded, Newsweek reported

Brooks, who goes by the name “girthbrooks1994” posted a video under “Brooks TikTok” of the clip that has since gone viral and has attracted more than five million views. On the video, Brooke says, “These motherf****** gave me this goddamn dog for free, only to find out it speaks Spanish. Come here Snax!”

That was then. 

Fast-forward to today: the pair are the best of friends. In fact, Brooks' TikTok account is all about Senior Snax, who he dubbed the "world's famous Spanish bulldog," Newsweek reported.

Viewers appear to get a kick out of Brooks, who has a thick southern accent, speaking to his new friend in Spanish. 

In one video, Brooks and Senor Snax are watching football together. Brooks starts explaining the game to Senor Snax, (who has the cutest underbite, btw) that drew lots of praise from followers.

"I have zero idea what you said, but yo Spanish is funny and good and yo dogg is da best," said one person.

Another agreed. "You have the thickest accent lmaooooo. All I understood was "American football." 

Either way, Brooks seems to love his new bff.  “He’s a bien boy and very spoiled," Brooks said the news outlet reported. "He's a blessing."


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