Meet the Dogs Who 'Work' at Amazon With Their Owners

Thousands of dogs are registered to come to work at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle.

Inside Edition tagged along as a dog excitedly made his way to Amazon's front desk after riding the elevator. There, an endless supply of biscuits awaited. 

This pup was just one of an incredible 7,000 dogs registered to come to work with their owners at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle.

On any given day, there are about 800 dogs roaming the halls and offices.

“It’s super comforting and calming,” said an attorney for Amazon who brings her two 11-year-old Chihuahuas to work. “If I have to stay late I don’t have to worry about getting a dog walker.”

Software engineer Mark Carle said bringing dogs to work is the “best,” telling Inside Edition, “It’s really to have someone who is really enthusiastic to play with. I wouldn’t have been able to get him without this perk.” 

Amazon campus amenities include dog parks, a doggy towel room and leather leashes. 

The most popular breeds on campus are Chihuahuas and French bulldogs.

Inside Edition spoke to Amazon’s dog program manager, Stacy Martinez, from the building's rooftop dog park.

“We love innovating. We love inventing, we love having our dogs beside us as we do it,” Martinez said.