Amazon Delivery Driver Drops Off Package, Then Rides Away With Child's Bike

Playing Amazon Delivery Man Snatches Up Bicycle Left Near Trash Cans

What looked like a routine Amazon delivery ended up being anything but when the driver dropped off a package and then took a child's bike. 

Surveillance video from a doorbell camera captured the strange moment in Apopka, Florida. In the video, the driver walks up to the front porch and leaves a package, then takes a photo of it as apparent confirmation of delivery. 

But as he turns around and walks away, he wanders over to a bicycle left by trash cans in the driveway. He picks it up and gets on, then casually rides off.

"I was dumb-founded and then I got angry," homeowner Kristin Casey told Inside Edition. "Amazon immediately took control of the situation to try to make it better. ... The man was contacted by the police department. He agreed to return the bike."

The driver said that he thought the bike was being thrown out. 

Amazon said the driver is no longer delivering packages for the company. 


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