Why Is Amazon Shipping Massive Boxes to Customers Who Ordered Small Items?

One shopping expert has a theory.

While Amazon may be known for its fast service, but what's with the ridiculously large boxes?

YouTube is filled with videos of massive boxes sent to a customer with a few small items inside.  

Jason Howell, who hosts a tech podcast, recently posted a clip of his own interaction with a giant mystery box from Amazon. 

When he got the box open, he found only a box of Oreo cookies inside. 

“I just feel like Amazon can probably do a better job matching and pairing the size of the order to the package,” he told Inside Edition. 

Peter Sanderson also received a huge box after ordering two small dog toys from Amazon.

"I mean, I went out and had to buy this cardboard cutter to cut all the cardboard up that I got from Amazon," he told Inside Edition. "Their packing is nuts."
Inside Edition asked online shopping expert Trae Bodge why this keeps happening with Amazon shipments.

“There's a theory about how the trucks and pallets need to be packed," Bodge said. "They need to be in a certain shape, for instance, in that truck so things don't move, so sometimes it makes sense to put a small item in a big box so it all fits together." 

The speed of fulfilling orders may be another possible explanation, she said.

"We've all become accustomed to receiving our packages in lightning speed, so when packages are being packed that quickly, there are bound to be mistakes," Bodge said.