'What the Fluff' Challenge: Inside the Social Media Craze That Has Dog Owners 'Disappearing'

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Dog owners everywhere are confounding their pups with the latest internet craze, known as the "What the Fluff" challenge. 

The rules are simple: As their pets look on, wannabe tricksters hold a blanket in front of them, then quickly run away as they drop it, leaving nothing behind. From the unsuspecting dog's point of view, it looks as if their owner disappeared.

Videos of the prank are going viral online, especially those in which the pups go wild and desperately search for their owners, then jump for joy as their mom or dad reappear. 

Some pet owners are even trying it with their cats. But the trick is decidedly less successful when it comes to felines.

Check out the video above for more reactions from panicked pups.


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