New Amazon Delivery Service Has Homeowners Trusting Strangers Entering Their Home

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Would you trust a complete stranger to enter your home while you're gone?

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Inside Edition put Amazon's controversial new service — Amazon Key — to the test.

Reporter Victoria Recano, a busy mom of three with another little one on the way, tried it out. 

“I am excited to try the Amazon Key but I’m a little nervous for someone to have access to my house pretty much whenever they have a package in hand,” she said. 

First, she installed Amazon’s Smart Lock on the front door. Then, she placed the Amazon security camera inside her home with a view of the front door. Both are linked to an app on her phone.

She then went out to run her errands and later got a notification that her package was a minute away. 

Once the delivery person arrived, he scanned the package, sending a signal that unlocked the front door.

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Drivers are instructed to always knock several times before entering. All the while, the security camera is recording.

Once Recano returned, all she had to do was press a button on the Smart Lock to unlock the front door and enter her own home. 

And when she walked in, her packages were waiting. 

She found the items she ordered for her kids that have all been delivered hassle-free and safe from those holiday thieves.