Meet the Savvy Woman Who Called 911 and Ordered a Pizza to Report Her Mother's Alleged Abuser

When police arrived they discovered the 911 caller was the daughter of a woman who calling to get help for her mom when police arrived.

When an Ohio woman called 911 on Nov. 13 to report her mother being abused, she's couldn't explicitly say what was happening with the alleged attacker nearby, so she pretended to order pizza. 

Tiffany Urban is the quick-thinking daughter who made the 911 call. “I was thinking to myself that ‘I need to call 911, order pizza,’” she told Inside Edition. “

She said she “was worried” that the dispatcher would not take her seriously. And it seemed he didn't, at first. The dispatcher told Urban that she had dialed the wrong number to order pizza. But she quickly responded, "No, no, no, no." She was just thinking, "don't hang up on me," she said.

Tim Teneyck said he quickly caught on that Urban needed help.

Operator: “What apartment? Is the other guy still there?”
Caller: “Yep. I need a large pizza.”
Operator: “All right. How about medical? You need medical?” 
Caller: “No, with pepperoni.” 

Teneyck alerted police of the special circumstance behind the call, saying, “Domestic violence. Turn your sirens off before you get there. Caller ordered a pizza and agreed with everything I said that there's domestic violence going on.”

When police arrived, they took Simon Lopez, 56, into custody on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge after he allegedly punched the woman's mother so hard that she fell into a wall, according to a police report obtained by The Toledo Blade.

Lopez is still in custody and being held at the Lucas County Corrections Center in downtown Toledo. According to the police report, Lopez denied hitting the caller’s mother.