Meet the Woman Who Has Rescued More Than 600 Cats And Has No Plans to Stop

Is 600 enough when it comes to cats? One woman in Kenya says no.

A woman in Kenya has gone above and beyond to find good homes for cats in need. 

Rachael Kabue's case cherishes cats so much that her home in Kenya has become a sanctuary for over 600 of them.

In 2020, Kabue created the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary as she took in sick and homeless cats.

She provides veterinary care for her fur babies, then puts them up for adoption to good homes in Kenya.

Is 600 enough when it comes to cats? Kabue says no.

Despite spending an extra $400 per month of her own money to keep the Feline Sanctuary running, she says the only thing that will stop her from rescuing more is having too little space.

“Cats are just like us,” she told reporters. 

“They feel pain, they feel happiness, they feel sadness, they get depressed just like us so there’s no difference." 

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