Mega Millions Jackpot Is Now $750M After No Winning Ticket Drawn Becoming Second Largest Lotto Pot in History

Stanley Manley closed his eyes and picked the winning numbers on his lottery ticket.

In these tough economic times, any amount of money is a good amount.

The latest Mega Millions lottery jackpot has stretched to $750 million after no winning ticket was drawn, CBS News reported.

The new jackpot becomes the second largest in history, according to CBS News, following a $1.54 billion prize won in 2018.

Due to the fact that no winner had been draw in months in the latest Mega Millions, the pot just kept growing to this current and abundant amount of money. In order to get the full earnings, customers must purchase the $2 ticket and hit every number including the Mega Ball.

Mega Millions tickets are sold in 44 states as well as Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands, CBS News reported.

Mega Millions was not the only national lottery to fail to draw a winner as the Powerball jackpot did not bring in a lucky ticket Wednesday, CNN reported. That pot has now grown to an estimated $640 million, CNN reported.

While no one took home the grand prize, CNN reported that 10 $1 million tickets were won in various states including California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New York and Texas.

Powerball said that someone in Virginia took home $2 million.

In these tough economic times, any amount of money is a good amount.