Virginia Man Plays Numbers He Saw on TV on 160 Lottery Tickets and Wins $800K

Virginia Lottery
Virginia Lottery

Kwame Cross took his chances on Dec. 5 by purchasing 160 tickets with the exact same number combination.

A Virginia man followed a hunch and bought numerous lottery tickets with the same numbers, and it proved to be a genius move. Because the tickets, all with the numbers seven, three, one and four, made Kwame Cross $800,000 richer.

Cross took his chances on Dec. 5 by purchasing 160 tickets with the exact same number combination for the Virginia Lottery Pick 4 game.

"I saw an address in a TV show, in the background, and for some reason it stayed with me," he told Virginia Lottery officials in a press release. "I just had a feeling.”

Each ticket was worth $5,000 and Cross got to multiply that number 160 times.  He said he was getting food in a drive-thru when he found out the news. He said he pulled over and checked the numbers again, and again.

"I thought, 'This can’t be real!’” He said of the moment.

Cross owns a business in Washington, D.C. and hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with his new fortune yet.