Megachurch's 'Unauthorized' 'Hamilton' Production Alters Lyrics to Be About Jesus

Lin-Manuel Miranda has sent a cease and desist letter to a Texas megachurch over an alleged "illegal, unauthorized production" of the hit musical.

A Texas megachurch has been accused by the creator of “Hamilton” of putting on an “illegal, unauthorized production” of the hit musical and swapping out the lyrics to reference Christian themes. 

The Door Christian Church in McAllen allegedly changed lyrics from several of the songs, including “That Would Be Enough," in their production.

“But I'm not afraid / I know who I married / So long as you come home at the end of the day / That would be enough," go the original lyrics to the song.

The church’s revised version: “But I'm not afraid / My hope is in Jesus / If you could just give him a chance at the end of the day / That would be enough.”

Hamilton has been running on Broadway since 2015, and there are currently seven other authorized productions around the world, but the church isn't one of them. 

Now, Lin-Manuel Miranda has sent a cease and desist letter. 

Legal analyst Royal Oakes says it's a pretty clear case of copyright infringement.

“If the church responds and shuts things down, then the cease and desist letter will have done its job. But if they don't then Miranda can go to court, he could win an injunction and money damages

The church did not respond to requests for comment. In the past, they have altered other shows, including Disney's “Beauty and the Beast.”

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