Meghan Markle Look-Alike Compares Royal Wedding to Her Own Ceremony

Danielle Harris married her prince charming in January 2017.

Meghan Markle’s doppelgänger said she gets stopped and mistaken for the Duchess of Sussex at least four times a week.

It was brought to 33-year-old Danielle Harris’ attention four years ago from a friend who said she looked just like Rachel Zane, the character Markle portrayed on the hit USA show, "Suits."

Harris, of Arizona, told SWNS that she didn’t think much of the resemblance until Markle and Prince Harry went public with their relationship last year.

“If I had five dollars for everyone who has said I look like her over the last 12 months, I would be so rich," Harris told SWNS.

Harris is mixed race with freckles, just like 36-year-old Markle.

She explained one particular instance when she went to a Gucci store in Dallas, Texas, and noticed the employees were taking longer than usual to wrap up her items. Then, all the sale associates came out to the front to meet her.

“It was so funny,” she said.


Harris, a nurse, said she already has her prince, Wu Olsen.

The couple married in January of 2017. Comparing her nuptials to last month's royal wedding, she claimed her $1,800 dress was better than Markle's $500,000 Givenchy gown.

When it came to budget, the Arizona couple spent $50,000, a small percentage of the $45 million Windsor Castle ceremony.

However, Harris said she was envious of was Markle’s 16-foot lace veil and The Kingdom Choir, which performed "Stand by Me" in St. George's Chapel.

Other than that, Harris said her wedding was much more intimate with only 115 guests and the celebrations went on into the early hours of the next day.

"It was very, very fun and I'm not just saying that because I was the bride,” she said. "We had such an elegant and modern wedding.”

Harris noted that she cried as Markle and Prince Harry exchanged vows, and she admired how Meghan walked down most of the aisle alone.

"My dad walked me down the aisle and that was the perfect moment," she told SWNS. "But I really admired how Meghan walked almost the whole way by herself. It was such a statement."

Harris added her wedding did contain some glamour as she received a special gift from the groom prior to the ceremony.

"As me and the girls were getting ready, the best man came over and gave me a box which had the most beautiful watch — a Rolex,” she said. “It was so romantic."

Harris told SWNS she would not change their wedding for the world and the couple jokes about Harris being hired as Meghan’s double, with Wu as her manager.

The look-alike also said when people compare her to Meghan, it boosts her confidence.

"She’s so beautiful I think it’s a huge compliment," she said.