Meghan Markle to Receive Special Forces Training in Dealing With Threats: Report

The news follows reports that Prince George was targeted by a supporter of ISIS.

Meghan Markle is receiving training from Britain's elite military to keep her safe.

Members of the British royal family are among the highest-profile terror targets in the world, which is why the training is so important. 

S.A.S., the Special Forces unit of the British Army, will reportedly teach the American actress how to react should she ever be held hostage. 

Terrorism expert Robert Strang told Inside Edition that because Markle is American, it makes her a “prime candidate” for terrorists. 

"When you are part of the Royal Family, suddenly, you become a victim for ISIS, for a terrorist group, for a kidnapping," he said. 

Markle’s training will teach her how to deal with a terrorist or kidnapper. 

"Most of this training is 1) going to be about staying alive if in fact, you are held hostage and 2) how to communicate with police," Strang added. 

Markle is expected to have round-the-clock protection, but like Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana, she may want to drive around on her own as a quiet display of independence. 

"You always have to leave room in the front of your vehicle; they will teach her that you never go up against the car in front of you. They will teach her what happens if someone comes up to the car and what to do [and] how to use the vehicle as a weapon," Strang said.  

Markle’s training comes on the heels of the recent disturbing news that Prince George was targeted by ISIS.

Prosecutors say the suspect posted the address of the preschool attended by the 4-year-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with the chilling message that the royal family "will not be left alone." 

Officers also just thwarted terrorists targeting British Prime Minister Theresa May. In 2017 alone, Britain has seen five terror attacks, including the horrific suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.