Melania Fights Back: First Lady Is 'Not Going to Be Deterred' by Her Critics, Her Spokeswoman Says

Stephanie Grisham gave her first-ever TV interview to stand up for her boss.

The first lady’s spokeswoman has lashed out at critics of Melania Trump in her first TV interview. 

Speaking to "Fox & Friends" Monday morning, Stephanie Grisham said she was speaking out after reading an op-ed on that claimed Mrs. Trump "doesn't understand what it means to be first lady." 

"Just hours before that op-ed was posted, she was at a hospital here in D.C. visiting children and reading them a Christmas story. The day before that, she'd gone to two military bases and actually flown out to an aircraft carrier to visit with the military and thank them for their service. And the day before that, she'd been doing a toy drive with Toys For Tots," Grisham said.

Grisham slammed her boss' critics and said Melania is “not going to be deterred, she's going to do what she thinks it right, she's going to stay true to herself.” 

“Despite the negative criticism, despite the fact that the perception that perhaps the media is trying to put out there, she's going to continue to go out there and work on 'Be Best' and do what's right for kids,” she said. 

Melania Trump appeared at the White House Congressional Ball over the weekend wearing a white gown by Celine.