President Trump Praises Melania for Staying 'So Cool' During Plane Mishap

Melania and Trump

President Trump took a moment Thursday night to heap praise on the first lady for keeping her composure during that midair emergency earlier in this week. 

During a flight from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia, smoke filled her plane and forced the pilot to turn back to Joint Base Andrews.

At a rally in Montana Thursday night, Donald Trump said his wife was "so cool" after the incident. 

“I asked, 'How was she? Was she scared?’ ‘No sir.’ ‘What was she like?’ ‘She was so cool, we couldn’t believe it.’ Everybody else had cloth on their face and I probably would too — cloth that was water — wet. She sat there, 'Hey, what else is new,'" he said. 

The commander in chief also defended his wife's decision to wear a pith hat during her recent trip to Africa. Many people consider the hat to be a symbol of colonialism

“They said it represented a colonialized nation. And everybody’s trying to figure — I think it came out of Los Angeles. I think they actually bought it in Los Angeles. But they love the job she’s doing,” he said.


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