President Trump Blasted for Keeping Umbrella for Himself While Melania Stands in the Rain

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President Trump is being dragged on social media for leaving first lady Melania Trump uncovered by their shared umbrella as the two departed for hurricane-damaged Florida Monday. 

As Trump stopped to answer questions from reporters and praise his wife's ABC News interview, Melania walked past him, and straight into the rain. 

The moment was lambasted.

"It never occurs to Trump to hold the umbrella over his wife, only over himself," one Twitter user wrote. 

"Of course! His hairdo would be ruined," added another.

The apparent thoughtlessness of the gesture has spawned new questions over the president's relationship with the first lady.

Inside Edition spoke to Nina Burleigh, the national politics correspondent for Newsweek and author of the new book "Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump's Women."

Burleigh compared Melania's attitude toward the marriage to a lucrative but poor career choice.

"Well, it's like when you have a job that you really don't like, but you get paid too much to leave," she said. 

Burleigh added that her research showed the pair kept separate lives for a long time before Trump was elected president but said that when they are together, "they actually seem to get along fine."

Click here to read an excerpt from Burleigh's book.


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