Melania Trump Is 'an Independent Woman,' Press Secretary Says

The first lady's press secretary told Inside Edition that Melania Trump and her husband "don't control each other."

Melania Trump’s press secretary is speaking to Inside Edition after the first lady wrapped up one of her most high-profile weeks. 

The first lady celebrated International Women's Day in Washington, D.C., Friday, and earlier in the week she took a three-state tour to promote her "Be Best" initiative for children.

Trump’s “Be Best” initiative is often overshadowed by the news of the day coming from the White House

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's press secretary and communications director, is never afraid to take on White House critics.     

“It's almost like they want the administration to fail,” she told Inside Edition’s Senior Correspondent Les Trent. "So they are refusing to cover the really good work the president and the first lady are doing." 

Grisham said the negative press “doesn’t” affect her boss. “I get angrier than she does," she said.

Grisham discussed all the steps about the first lady's initiative. 

"It’s got three pillars,” she said. The three pillars are the well-being of children, social media and online safety, and opioid abuse. 

Trump made headlines at one appearance this week, when she discussed her conversations with her 12-year-old son, Barron, about drugs. 

"I try to explain how drugs are dangerous and it will mess up your head, it will mess up your body and nothing comes positive out of it,"Trump said. 

"Mrs. Trump is a mother first and foremost and they have a very open line of communication," Grisham said. 

Grisham said she's also open when she doesn't agree with her husband, which is an honesty that was on full display when she shrugged in view of the press corps after President Trump left her hanging outside the White House Thursday after they greeted the Czech Republic's prime minister and his wife. 

"She does not control what he does, he does not control what she does, I think that is something to be celebrated,” Grisham said.

On Friday, the first family visited Alabama after the deadly tornadoes hit the state over the weekend.