Melania Trump Raises Eyebrows With Wide-Brimmed Hat During State Visit

The hat was so large that French President Emmanuel Macron had to duck to greet her.

Melania Trump made the fashion statement of the year while donning a striking, wide brimmed white hat as she and the president greeted French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Bridgette. 

The brim of her hat, which she wore Tuesday afternoon, was so wide that Macron had to duck while kissing her on the cheek.

Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen says she had a good reason for choosing the unique headwear. 

"She definitely puts a lot of thought into her fashion choices," she said. "She is just letting you know that she is powerful and when she walks in she can feel like she owns the place and the hat allows her to do that."

The hat was designed by the French designer Hervé Pierre. 

The first lady's form-fitting white suit is also getting attention. The skirt is by Michael Kors and was so tight that she appeared to have difficulty walking.

"I am not necessarily surprised [how figure hugging] it is," Karen said. "It shows off her sex appeal while being fully covered."

Cameras captured another awkward moment between President Trump and his third wife as he tried to hold her hand as she resisted.

As he persisted, she finally gave in. 

Trump and Macron appeared to have a real bromance going on Tuesday. They shook hands while posing for pictures and Trump even made a point of brushing dandruff off Macrons’ suit

“We have a very good relationship," Trump said. "I'll just get that piece of dandruff. We have to make sure he's perfect. He is perfect."

But Macron didn't seem to mind at all. They ended their joint press conference with a hearty embrace.

On Tuesday night, the Trumps host their first state dinner. Every detail has been planned out by the first lady.