Melissa Rycroft Says She Was Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness in the Dominican Republic

Melissa Rycroft, who starred on "The Bachelor," is the just latest American tourist to be stricken while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

“Bachelor” star Melissa Rycroft went from frolicking with her family in the Dominican Republic to being hospitalized with a mysterious illness. 

She's the latest American tourist to be stricken while on vacation on the island.  

Rycroft said she got sick on the second day of the vacation at the swanky but kid-friendly Nickelodeon Resort.

She recovered enough to continue the vacation last week but when she returned to her home in Texas, she says her illness worsened.

She posted a photo curled up with her dog on the sofa and one in a doctor’s office on Instagram. 

Her rep told Page Six that she has had “major stomach issues since returning from the Dominican Republic.”

With all the stories of sickness and nine deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republican in recent months, a group of children, including Girl Scouts, from San Antonio are still going ahead with their planned service trip to the island nation after spending a year raising money to go.

"We are traveling with a very experienced group of adults who are taking all safety precautions to keep us safe while we are over there," said one of the girls.

The girls are advised to not drink anything with ice in the glass. They are also urged to avoid anything that is not American-branded or in a sealed container.