Message in a Bottle Washes Up on New Jersey Beach

Message in a bottle found in New Jersey.
What a find!Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol/Facebook

It contained a diary entry.

A message in a bottle washed up on a New Jersey beach and brought with it a mystery.

According to the Asbury Park Press, a lifeguard with the Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol first spotted what he only joked at the time was a message in a bottle.

But like so many jokes, this one turned out to be based in the truth and two lifeguards quickly realized they had the real thing on their hands.

The lifeguards cut through several layers of protection in order crack the bottle open and pull out a rolled sheet of paper as a crowd of around 20 onlookers gathered around them.

Inside was what its discoverer, lifeguard Tim Goldstein, said seemed like a diary entry.

"There was no purpose to the letter," Goldstein said. "There was no SOS or 'please send help' or anything like that."

The writer was a teenager who called herself "the black sheep of society" and described her pastimes and hobbies like photography and horseback riding.

Also in the letter were a name, a date, a place, and an email.  

"Last week, lifeguards on 80th Street found a message in a bottle sent out to sea on April 21st, 2017 that had washed up," Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol wrote on Facebook Thursday. 

Unfortunately, all that info has only left the curious lifeguards with more questions. 

"Amanda from Springfield - We found your message," their post reads, along with a champagne popping emoji. "Unknown which Springfield though."

Now, as their post is shared across social media, the Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol hopes to learn more about Amanda from Springfield and how far her bottle traveled.