Meth Found Among Halloween Candy After Child Goes Trick-or-Treating

Tribal police at a Wisconsin reservation are investigating the matter.

A Wisconsin community is looking for answers after street drugs were found among a child's Halloween candy.

Menominee Tribal Police say a parent on their reservation found a packet of methamphetamine among her child's candy after trick-or-treating.

Officials received the complaint on Monday and the contents of a suspicious baggie have since tested positive for the drug.

While the child never ingested any meth, tribal authorities are taking no chances. Candy drop-off stations have been set up for parents to dispose of any candy collected during the reservation's Sunday trick-or-treat event.

"It is a Ziploc bag. Unfortunately Ziploc baggies can open up, we don't know if there's more out there. Right now this is an isolated incident, but if there was more out there, if it does get through the Ziploc baggies and kids are touching this candy, that can be very dangerous to them. Even the parents," Det. Joshua Lawe of the Menominee Tribal Police Department said at a press conference.

Authorities said they are investigating whether or not the meth was placed in the bag intentionally.