Miami OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Says Fatal Stabbing of Boyfriend Christian Obumseli Was Self Defense

Courtney Clenney
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The Miami Police Department says the case is under investigation. 

An OnlyFans model who stabbed her boyfriend to death hasn’t been charged with a crime, and her lawyer says she was acting in self defense. 

Courtney Clenney, 25, is a social media influencer with 2 million followers. She called 911 from her luxury apartment in Miami. When police arrived, they found her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, with a single stab wound to his chest. 

Obumseli was rushed to the hospital, but didn't make it.

Graphic video obtained by TMZ shows Clenney covered in blood after the stabbing as she was being questioned by police.

“That scene, the images of her covered in blood, is wholly consistent with what we believe is self defense. She is the one who called 911, and the reason why she was covered in blood, she was trying to stop the bleeding,” Clenney’s lawyer Frank Prieto said. 

Prieto says Clenney and Ombuseli had a “volatile relationship” and she had previously kicked him out of the apartment.

“She was the victim of not only mental and emotional abuse, but also physical abuse,” Prieto said. “They got into a physical altercation, and she defended herself. There's an allegation that he had choked her just prior to this incident.”

But Obumseli’s family are outraged that Clenney has not been arrested.

“We have no cause to believe that this was a case of self defense. The idea that this was somehow warranted is unthinkable,” said Karen Egbuna, Obumseli’s cousin.

“I do believe that she is the killer, and she does need to be arrested,” Obumseli’s brother Jeffrey said.

Clenney was spotted in a hotel lobby in Miami with her family, and there was a nasty confrontation when somebody told her to leave.

“Yeah, you should go. 'Cause you just killed your boyfriend,” the person said.

The Miami Police Department says the case is under investigation. 

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