Miami Plastic Surgeon Alleges Kardashian Doc Simon Ourian Hired a Russian Firm to Give Him Bad Reviews

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A Miami plastic surgeon has filed a lawsuit claiming that a celebrity doctor who became famous for performing procedures on the Kardashians is behind an influx of bad reviews plaguing his business. Adam Rubinstein believes Simon Ourian orchestrated the smear campaign by hiring a Russian company to post fake, negative reviews about his practice.

“I started getting dozens and dozens of bad reviews. Reviews that are 1, 2, 3, star reviews from people that I've never heard of,” Rubinstein told Inside Edition.

Suspiciously, many were written in broken English.

"Here's a not very pleasant was the experience I have,” said one review.

“I expected perfect results which would have embodied in the reality of my dreams,” another said.

One review even had Russian writing on it.

Rubinstein believes the bogus reviews were retaliation from Ourian against him for posting a series of videos on Instagram that were critical of the celebrity doctor’s credentials and disciplinary history.

“If you are considering using Dr. Ourian for your care, make sure you know what you are getting into,” Rubinstein said in one of the videos.

The California medical board placed Ourian on temporary probation in 2009 for "repeated negligent acts."

“I made some videos to explain to people this is the story behind Simon Ourian, and some of it was frankly shocking to me,” Rubinstein told Inside Edition.

Soon after posting the videos, Rubinstein said hundreds of negative reviews and comments started flooding in. Now, an Armenian man has come forward to say he was the one who wrote many of the reviews. He says a Russian company hired him to post the fake reviews from Armenia and showed Rubinstein order forms that matched the reviews word-for-word.

“All those reviews that seemed like they were from real people in this country were actually fake people, fake names, fake accounts all originating from Russia,” Rubinstein said.

Rubinstein is suing Ourian for alleged defamation, slander and fraud. Ourian did not respond to numerous requests for comment. In court papers, he called Rubinstein’s lawsuit an “opportunistic marketing campaign.”


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