Michael Jackson Accuser Says He Married Pop Star in 'Mock Wedding Ceremony'

In "Leaving Neverland," James Safechuck said that Michael Jackson would allegedly reward him with jewelry for doing sex acts for him.

In “Leaving Neverland,” Wade Robson and James Safechuck describe in shocking detail how they say Michael Jackson molested them as children.  

Safechuck even showed off what he says was their “wedding ring.”

“He would reward me with jewelry for doing sexual acts for him,” he said in the documentary, the first part of which aired on HBO Sunday. “We had this mock wedding ceremony. We did this in his bedroom. We filled out some vows. It's like we’re bonded forever. It felt good.” 

The Jackson family tried to upstage “Leaving Neverland” as it aired by posting a classic Michael Jackson concert on YouTube, hoping to draw fans away from the controversial documentary.

The 1992 concert live in Bucharest ran two hours and 20 minutes — exactly the length of the first part of the documentary. 

Another performance will be posted Monday during part two of the HBO show.

Oprah Winfrey is under fire from Jackson fans over her interview with the two accusers, which will also air Monday on HBO and her cable network OWN.
"I’m gonna get it," she told Variety of the criticism. “But the issue of sexual abuse is too important to remain silent."  

Jackson family attorney Howard Weitzman spoke with Winfrey’s friend “CBS This Morning” host Gayle King Monday morning. 

“These accusations are made by two people who have testified differently under oath. The way I judge credibility is, 'Have these people lied before?' The answer is yes!” he said. 

Jackson, who died in 2009, always denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.