Michael Jackson’s Brother Defends Late Pop Star

Following the premiere of an explosive documentary about two men claiming they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson, the late pop star’s brother Jermaine Jackson defended Michael’s “slumber parties” at Neverland Ranch.

Jermaine Jackson wipes away tears trying to clear his brother's name after an explosive documentary accuses Michael Jackson of child sex abuse.

“There is no truth to this documentary,” he told Piers Morgan on “Good Morning Britain” Wednesday. 

“How sure can you be, Jermaine, that Michael was completely innocent?” the host asked. “Given that you were not there, that he did not have a side to him that was pretty dark?”

“Piers, I’m 1,000 percent sure because Michael was tried by a jury,” an emotional Jermaine Jackson replied. “It’s been very, very tough because we are a family and when these things happen we pull together and the statement we put out with the estate says it all as well. I’ve always jumped to my brother's defense.”

Jermaine Jackson also said that while there were young boys at Neverland Ranch with his brother, he claims there were also girls and adults who were around the mansion. 

In the documentary "Leaving Neverland,” James Safechuck and Wade Robson claim the “Thriller” singer sexually abused them when they were kids.

Robson, a choreographer, spoke with Inside Edition in 2017.
“Every time we were together it happened," he claimed to Inside Edition. "There was no night that went by that I was with him that he didn’t sexually abuse me."

Robson testified under oath that he was never sexually abused by Michael Jackson at the singer’s molestation trial in 2005. Michael Jackson was acquitted on all charges.

“We’re living with a time where people can say anything. Under oath he said what he said,” Jermaine Jackson said Wednesday. “They would rather believe a documentary than looking at what was said under oath.”