Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Claims He Suffered Sexual Abuse at the Hands of King of Pop

Robson claims the abuse began when he was just 7 years old.

Wade Robson is opening up about his claims that Michael Jackson sexually abused him when he was 7 years old. 

Robson, 35, is one of the most sought-after dancers and choreographers in the business, working with celebrities like Britney Spears.

He got his start as Michael Jackson’s protégé and was a child when he performed with the superstar in music videos like "Black or White." 

When he was 7, Robson claims the King of Pop sexually abused him. 

“Every time we were together it happened," he claimed to Inside Edition. "There was no night that went by that I was with him that he didn’t sexually abuse me."

Robson says he never told anyone what was really taking place during frequent slumber parties with Jackson at the singer's Neverland Ranch. 

"It started with him fondling then it moved to him kissing me, kissing me on the lips, like a French kiss sort of thing, and then it moved to oral sex," Robson claims. 

He says Jackson warned him that they would both go to jail if anyone found out. So for decades, Robson says he defended Jackson and insisted he never molested anyone.

“It was not possible for me to tell the truth about what Michael Jackson did to me until I did because when I was younger, I was terrified by the idea of my life falling apart [and] him going to jail," he said. 

In 1997, Inside Edition’s Jim Moret interviewed Robson for CNN, along with his mother, when Jackson was first accused of child molestation.

During the interview, he said he was at a slumber party and having fun with Jackson. 

"I remember specifically the days leading up to the interview," Robson recalled. "The conversation from Michael was they're saying we did this, that, and the other, disgusting sexual things, and we never did any of that right? And I would just play along and say, 'That was crazy — never did anything like that.'"

In 2005, Robson appeared as a star witness for the defense at Jackson’s trial when the singer was found not guilty of molestation charges.

Robson testified under oath that Jackson never abused him.

He said the same thing when he appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2003. 

Everything changed when Robson married and had a son. He's says two nervous breakdowns finally forced him to reveal to a therapist and his family the dark secret he says he'd been hiding.

“It was just pain and disgust and anger of the idea of that or something like that or anything like that happening to my son,” he said. 

He decided to file a lawsuit against the late entertainer's estate because he claims Jackson wasn’t the only one who knew about the abuse.

In the lawsuit, he says he called it a thinly veiled business to operate as a child sex abuse operation.

"It took so many people that worked for Michael to organize to the level at which children, including myself... be brought to him," he said. 

Robson says he understands why people may have trouble believing him after so many years of denial.

He says there is no question in his mind now that Jackson molested him. 

Today, Robson is teaching a whole new generation of performers not only to dance but how to face their fears.

“Michael was an incredible performer and was also a child predator," Robson said. "A child sexual abuser." 

A judge threw out Robson's lawsuit, saying no one other than Jackson himself had the authority to control his actions. 

An attorney from the late singer’s estate says Robson's claims were always about money, and not based on a search for the truth.