Michelle Obama Hopes Viewers 'Find Joy and a Bit of Respite' in 'Becoming' Netflix Documentary

Michelle Obama meets a fan during her book tour for "Becoming."
Michelle Obama meets a fan during her book tour for "Becoming."(Getty)

The documentary film recounting her 34-city book tour will be available for streaming on May 6.

Just when the world thought they couldn’t get enough of Michelle Obama’s book, the former first lady announces “Becoming” will hit Netflix as a documentary film. The memoir is set to be released on the streaming platform in a film by the same name May 6.

The documentary's production was kept a secret. “It’s hard these days to feel grounded or hopeful, but I hope that like me, you’ll find joy and a bit of respite in what [director Nadia Hallgren] has made,” Obama said in a statement. “I’m here for you. And I know you are here for one another.”

She explained the documentary follows her 34-city book tour, during which time she spent “meeting and connecting with people in cities across the globe,” Obama said.

Her book “Becoming,” which was released in 2018, recounts her upbringing, motherhood and the time she spent in the White House. It quickly became the best-selling memoir of all time, going on to win multiple awards including a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.