Young Girl Mesmerized by Michelle Obama Portrait Writes Her Own Book

The book took a year to write.
Ben Hines/ Handout

The book "Parker Looks Up" went on sale earlier this month.

Parker Curry, the little girl who stood in awe of Amy Sherald’s portrait of Michelle Obama at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery last year, has now written a book about her experience. 

Parker and her mom, Jessica Curry, collaborated on the children’s book titled “Parker Looks Up,” which came out Oct. 15. 

“I wanted to do something that would memorialize that moment for her,” Curry said. “I wanted her to be able to look back on this picture book and be able to relive the magic of that day.”

“Parker Looks Up” chronicles Parker’s day at the museum when a bystander snapped that photo of her looking at the former first lady's portrait. The 4-year-old received widespread attention for the photo and even met Michelle Obama afterward. 

Curry said the book is not only a great memory for Parker but also an encouragement to other children.

“In the world we live in today, children need to see people that look like them doing great things,” the mom said.  

While Parker came up with the plot for the book, Curry said she helped a bit along the way. Brittany Jackson illustrated the book.

Parker was ecstatic at the final result, Curry said. 

“She was very proud. She was very excited to see the illustrations of artwork she saw before,” Curry said. “She is obsessed with reading it.”

“To have other people sending me messages and emails of their children reading it, it’s a dream come true,” she added.