Michigan Newlyweds' Reception Derailed When Stretch Limo Transporting Wedding Party Catches Fire

No one was hurt, and the booze was saved.

It was a wedding to remember, but for all the wrong reasons!

A happy couple and their 18-person wedding party were on the way to the reception in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when their Hummer stretch limousine caught fire, stranding them on the side of the road.

“We started to notice kind of a weird smell coming from it. We were all the way at the back,” groom Brandon says.

The limo driver pulled over, and they all poured out. At first, it didn’t appear to be all that serious — maybe the engine just overheated. 

But the fire quickly started spreading.

“I don’t think we were afraid until the limo driver was like ‘Oh, there’s flames!’ And so he got out his fire extinguisher and we were like, 'Oh yeah, we need to book it down the side of the highway to get away from this,’” bride Izzy Kiel said.

Soon, the entire vehicle was engulfed. But Izzy took the misadventure in good cheer.

“I was with all my best friends, so we were still having a blast and so just getting out on the side of the highway kind of made it even funnier,” Izzy said.

With the temperature hitting 90 degrees, police told Izzy and Brandon to cool off in the air conditioned squad car.

A second limo came to the rescue and the party got going again. Miraculously, the only thing that came out of the charred wreck was the cooler with all the booze. 

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