Ring Bearer's Adorable Outpouring of Love for Mom Bride at Wedding Steals the Show

Bride Kristie Mihelich didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her 2-year-old son, Pierson, who couldn't contain himself when he saw his mother and the beginning of the aisle.

Most usually cannot take their eyes off the happy couple of honor at a wedding, but a Michigan ring bearer quickly stole the show when he excitedly greeted the bride by running back down the aisle towards her.  

But bride Kristie Mihelich didn’t mind sharing the spotlight, especially since the ring bearer is her 2-year-old son, Pierson.  

Pierson was standing with his father, Bobby Mihelich, as they waited for his and Kristie’s wedding to begin.

When Kristie appeared at the beginning of the aisle, it wasn’t just her groom who was all smiles.    

“Hey mom!” Pierson called out before running with his arms up in the air toward his mother. He then escorted his mom back down the aisle. 

“I've waited 40 years for this day and honest to goodness, I wouldn't have it any other way,” Kristie told Inside Edition.  

Pierson immediately nodded when asked if his mother was beautiful the day she married his dad, who also found the humor in their son’s show-stopping performance.  

“He stole everybody’s thunder,” Bobby said with a laugh.    

“It was the sweetest moment of my entire life,” Kristie said. “I've never felt so much love and just pure joy.”

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