Michigan Woman Learns Mom Survived Hurricane Michael After Seeing TV News Interview

"Once I saw her, I started crying," Casey Stacey said.

A Florida resident's daughter learned her mother was safe following Hurricane Michael after seeing her on the "CBS Evening News."

Casey Stacey hadn't been able to contact her mother, Muriel, for days after Michael made landfall near Panama City, where Muriel has lived since she left her home state of Michigan to escape the brutal winters.

Speaking to anchor Jeff Glor, Muriel showed him the damage to her home following the storm and mentioned she was struggling to get in touch with family members back home.

What she didn't know was that Casey was watching.

"I just turned the TV on and I just happened to walk out into the living room at the exact time that I saw them walking up to the house and I recognized it instantly," Casey told CBS News.

"Once I saw her, I started crying. I could barely hold it together but it was so difficult to stop crying long enough to hear my mother talk and to know that she was OK."

She reached out to the Facebook page for "CBS Evening News" to let her mom know she'd seen the broadcast.

While mom and daughter are still unable able to speak, Casey is just thrilled to know Muriel is OK.