Florida Panhandle Town in Ruins After Hurricane Michael Roared Through Area

Inside Edition's Steven Fabian tagged along with a rescue team going from house to house.

Some Florida neighborhoods look like they have been wiped off the map in the wake of Hurricane Michael

Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian joined the rescue teams in Mexico beach, Florida, going house to house and witnessing the devastation firsthand.

He described the area as "totally decimated." 

One resident told Inside Edition he just wants to "get out of here alive" following the mammoth storm. 

Officials believe the area may be without power for up to a month.

There are long lines for groceries and other basic supplies at a Walmart in Panama City, but people are facing hardship with grit and determination. 

A thriving mall in Mariana would see nearly 23,000 shoppers a day, but it's now a pile of rubble. 

The front wall of a nearby grocery store was completely blown out.

“You've got to think people were working here just a few days ago, probably gathering supplies for the storm, and now look at this place. It's destroyed,” Fabian said. 

Many homes have also been demolished, including one where a tree was uprooted and crashed through the brick wall of a bedroom. 

Fabian spoke to a woman inside the house at the time, who said it's a "miracle" she survived.