The Best Survival Hacks to Help You Endure a Hurricane-Related Power Outage

Hurricane hacks
Inside Edition

Wilderness expert Shane Hobel has a few helpful hacks to help you through a desperate situation.

Hurricane Michael has carved a path of destruction, knocking out electricity for hundreds of thousands of residents. 

So what do you do in the event of a blackout?

Inside Edition traveled to upstate New York, where wilderness expert Shane Hobel shared some helpful hurricane survival hacks

For example, you can easily turn a can into a mini stove. Start by using a can opener to punch holes in the bottom of a 10-ounce juice can. Then push the punctured metal lips up to ensure the body of the can is held off the ground. 

After that, punch holes in the top of the can for ventilation. Fill the bottom of the can with leaves and small branches, and then light it from the bottom. 

"It's a quick trick for a tough situation," said Hobel.  

His second tip? You can make a candle out of vegetable shortening if you find yourself lacking light.

Rub the shortening into some paper to grease it up, then roll it up and stick it in the bottom of a can, and set it alight. 

"If you want to increase the light, put in two or three more wicks," said Hobel. 

A candle like that will burn for more than 24 hours, he added.

Finally, Hobel showed how to turn planter pots and a bag of sand into a refrigerator. Pour a little sand in the bottom of a pot, about two to three inches, then put a smaller pot on top of the sand and fill in around the edges. 

The pot in the middle can cool foods down to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your perishables cold while you wait for power to be restored.