Roman Candle Battles Erupt Across America, Making Streets Look Like War Zones

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Fireworks are fun, but when handled incorrectly, they can be extremely dangerous.

Video captured a woman in Brooklyn, New York, firing off a Roman candle like a gun as she walked down the street on the Fourth of July. In the footage, sparks can be seen flying everywhere as pedestrians flee.

Meanwhile, in Oakland, California, a Roman candle battle broke out at a basketball court. People can be seen ducking for cover in video of the incident as fireworks rain down. 

Gus Dobes, the safety director at Garden State Fireworks in New Jersey, told Inside Edition that anyone who would fire off a Roman candle at another person is asking for trouble. 

"Once this comes at you — you can't stop it, you can't get out of the way of it," he said. "It comes out like a bullet." 

Dobes added that the only safe way to light a Roman candle is to stand it up in a bucket of sand or kitty litter. 


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