Simple Hacks to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz shared the top five ways to deal with the nationwide heatwave.

As temperatures across the country reach record-breaking highs, there are a number of hacks to help beat the heat inside the comfort of your home.

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz recently shared five tips on how to deal with the nationwide heat wave, starting with the best way to prep a bedroom.

“What should we do if it’s a hot summer night and we just can’t fall asleep and get cool? You’re gonna freeze your sheets,” Katz told Inside Edition. 

Place bedsheets into a plastic bag, seal the bag and put it into your freezer, Katz said.

“Take out your sheets, then make your bed … and you’ll slip into a nice, cool, comfortable bed,” she added.

For a quick and easy way to cool down, grab a bowl of ice and place it in front of a small fan for an instant breeze. Creating a cooling pad is just as easy — all you need is a sock and some rice.

“Take a sock … stretch it open, pour some rice inside,” Katz said. “Then you’re gonna make a knot [and] pop it in the freezer.”

Peppermint tea can also work as a natural coolant, she suggested.

“Put it in the refrigerator, and then I like to add it to a spritz bottle,” Katz said. “Now with the tea in the spray bottle, you’re gonna spray it on yourself, right before you go out the door. That’s so refreshing and you smell great too. And I can just tuck this in my purse!”

It’s also incredibly important to stay hydrated, Katz said, noting there are ways to make water more appealing for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

“Take any fruits and vegetables that you like and then you’re gonna slice them up,” she said. 

Place the slices into an ice cube tray, fill them up the remaining empty space with water and pop them into the freezer to firm up.

“Pop it out, drop it in your water, and now you have a refreshing twist on regular water,” she said.