Middle School Science Teacher Finds Giant Mammoth Leg Bone While Diving in Florida River

Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Henry Sadler was diving in Florida's Peace River when he made an incredible discovery.

When you think of Florida, sandy beaches and palm trees might come to mind. But back during the Ice Age, it was a cold and frigid place — and some divers just found incredible proof of that.

Henry Sadler, a middle school science teacher, discovered a gigantic humerus bone from a long-extinct mammoth while diving in the Peace River. Sadler showed off the find to Inside Edition from his classroom, where he plans to keep the bone as a teaching tool for his students.

Sadler was diving with fellow amateur paleontologist Derek Demeter.

“To find something in this condition and this size is pretty awesome,” Demeter told Inside Edition.

They also found a tooth from a saber-toothed tiger, which became extinct about 12,000 years ago. Some of Sadler’s other finds have ended up in his state’s museum of natural history.

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