Missing Hiker Found Alive After 4 Days in Wilderness With Just a Bottle of Water

John Harm Wiersema was found alive after missing for four days.

A lost hiker was found alive after he spent four days in Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park wearing only a T-shirt and shorts. 

John Harm Wiersema, 39, was found Friday, dehydrated but largely uninjured, after he went missing on Monday. 

Search and rescue crews had feared the worst after it snowed in the area. 

"It was hard to believe someone could survive alone in the area," the Garfield County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.

But Wiersema, who went on the hike with just one water bottle and no food, survived by drinking from streams, according to the sheriff's office.

Officials urged those thinking about going hiking in the area in the future to make sure to “know the area, get maps, and be prepared for any condition,” the Facebook post read. 


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