Utah Family Says Stalker Won't Stop Sending Deliverymen, Plumbers and Even Sex Workers

Service providers keep showing up to Walt Gilmore's house in a case of extreme stalking, according to police.

A Utah family says they are under siege by an extreme stalker sending people to their house at all hours.

Walt Gilmore has put barriers in front of his driveway and police have a patrol car parked out in front of the home every day. “It would just become overwhelming,"  he told Inside Edition. "We felt like we were under attack by somebody that we didn’t know."

Over the last eight months, 500 vendors have knocked on his door, including house movers, air conditioning services, tow trucks, plumbers, and more.

“It's not unusual for us to have a tow truck come in the middle of the night and try to take a vehicle from our driveway,” Gilmore said. 

It's not just service providers. Deliveries of pizza, Chinese takeout and groceries have been brought to the home unsolicited by the Gilmores.

“We could have survived on the food being delivered to our home without having to go to the grocery store,” Gilmore added. 

Even sex workers have appeared at his door, he said, as well as drug dealers and junkies looking for a fix.

The whole neighborhood feels under attack.

“Everybody's got their garage door shut. Everybody won't open the door,” one neighbor told Inside Edition.

“I make sure the doors are locked. I'm not as carefree as I maybe once was and so I am being a little more diligent,” added another.

Gilmore has put a sign in his driveway to keep callers away. 

“It instructs them to call the North Salt Lake Police so that we can keep track of all the money that is being expended by these companies to mobilize to get to our home,” he said. 

Police believe the orders are being placed from 3,000 miles away in Hawaii.

Why the Gilmores are being targeted is unclear and the alleged stalker may not be acting alone.

“He has eyes. He has people that he has made contact with here in Utah to come to the home to see what's happening and report back to him so that he knows his next move,” Gilmore said.