Missing Oregon Fisherman Found Several Days After Disappearing in Wilderness

Fisherman found in Oregon in hat smiling for camera
Oregon Police

A fisherman was found near Umpqua National Forest after being lost for 18 days.

Harry Burleigh embarked on a solo camping trip near the Toketee region of Oregon and was not heard from for an additional 17 nights. The missing 69-year-old Roseburg, Oregon, resident was found safe this past Sunday.

Burleigh’s wife, Stacey, reported him missing when he did not return on May 7 as expected, resulting in an active Facebook group and around 40 volunteers throughout Oregon aiding in the search for Burleigh. 

Because Burleigh was an avid fisherman, his vehicle near a trail leading to the Twin Lakes served as the first clue in this hunt. Searchers poured over Burleigh’s projected trail and the surrounding area, coming up short until May 16, when his tacklebox and temporary, handmade shelter were found. 

Concerned members of the search parties set out lighters and food until he could be located. According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s office news release, a week later a second temporary shelter was discovered south of the original location. This ultimately led to the discovery of Burleigh, who was walking and talking upon his connection with the search team and only suffered minor injuries.

Harry Burleigh was happily reunited with his wife, and the Roseburg community could breathe a collective sigh of relief for the safe return of one of its own. 

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