Missing Retired Fire Chief With PTSD Found Safe After 4 Days of Searching

The missing fire chief was last seen Saturday night.
Merlin Turner vanished last week.Eldorado County Sheriff's Office

The retired fire chief was reported missing by his daughter.

A missing 62-year-old retired fire chief dealing with PTSD has been found safe and sound after vanishing for four days, authorities said.

Merlin Turner, 62, had been struggling with emotional issues during the coronavirus lock down when he was reported missing last week. He was last seen on June 6 after having dinner with his best friend.

The veteran firefighter had openly spoken about "some calls that were bugging him, this COVID situation,” buddy John Havenhill said after his friend vanished.

After his grown daughter issued an emotional social plea for people to look for Turner, the man was located Thursday night after someone spotted him fishing at Knight's Landing in Northern California.

Chaz Green, of Folsom, posted a photo on her Facebook page of their tearful reunion.

Chaz Green in her father's embrace. - Facebook

 "It took me 4 days, but I found you," she wrote above the image.

Turner had taken some time to clear his head and simply lost track of time, Green said. He had gone fishing and had no idea his daughter was frantic and that he had been reported missing.

People in Knight's Landing recognized him from social and media reports and informed authorities, who brought his daughter to the area.

"Thank you to everyone who spread the word. Merlin has safely returned home and is no longer reported missing," read an entry on the Facebook page of the Eldorado County Sheriff's Office.