Missing Support Monkey That Bit Owner and Skipped Town Found on Texas Highway

Boss the Monkey
Boss the Monkey is a little banged up, but expected to fully recover.Johnna Gibson/Mayor of Corrigan, Texas

Boss the monkey had been on the run for two weeks and was the subject of a massive simian hunt.

Boss the monkey, a support animal that bit its owner and took off two weeks ago, was found in the middle of a Texas highway by a motorist who stopped to help.

Boss is a little banged up, but he's expected to make a full recovery, said Corrigan Mayor Johnna Gibson. The woman who spotted the monkey Monday lying on Highway 287 called police, who came and wrapped Boss in a towel.

He was bleeding and emaciated, but perked up when officers fed him some water. He is currently being checked out by a vet.

A simian hunt had been underway since May 10, when the Capuchin's owner stopped at a Dollar General store to buy her support monkey some water. 

"She came and bought the bottle and said, 'This is for my pet monkey,'" store manager Lawrence Jolly told KLTV-TV.  “And so she goes outside, she feeds the monkey. The monkey bit her and took off."

Boss apparently has not quite gotten the hang of being a comfort animal. He is only 7 months old and currently in training. Both potty training and service training. 

After he bit and ran, he was seen cavorting in the woods behind the store. 

“I’ve seen it, it was a monkey with a diaper.” said Jolly. “I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know what happened.”

For the next two weeks, police and animal control officers were on the lookout for Boss, even employing humane traps stocked with bananas to lure him in. 

Boss wasn't having it. 

Authorities aren't sure how Boss ended up in the median of Highway 287, but after bundling him up, they loaded him into a police patrol car and transported him, with lights and sirens running, to Arena Veterinary Clinic, where the vet said he should be fine.

Boss' owner was there to greet him when he arrived, the mayor said.

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