Missing Texas Woman Found Alive in Submerged Jeep

A fisherman alerted authorities to a Jeep, submerged up to its roof in a lake. Inside was a woman who was alive and moving.

A fisherman saw what he thought was an abandoned vehicle, submerged to its roof in a lake. He called to report it and waited as deputies and a tow truck arrived.

Justin Pennington used his boat to take the truck driver out to the black Jeep, about 40 feet from a launch ramp at Lake O' The Pines in northeast Texas.

"I would have never thought anybody was in there because the windows were down," Pennington said. "I assumed they probably got out and left it, and were just going to come back and get it the next day."

Inside the SUV was a woman, and she was alive.

"As the Jeep was being prepared for removal from the water, it was discovered a person was still in the vehicle and moving," the Marion County Sheriff's Office said on its Facebook page.

"She wasn't saying anything, but she was conscious, she was moving," Pennington said.

The woman, who was not identified, had been reported missing two days before by police in Longview, about 30 miles south of the sprawling reservoir.

She was treated for hypothermia at a nearby hospital. It was not clear how long she had been in the water.

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