Man Who Found Missing Texas Toddler Christopher Ramírez Said God Told Him to Search for the Boy

Christopher Ramírez disappeared on Wednesday afternoon while he was playing with the neighbor’s dog, and search crews had been looking for the boy for days.

Texas man who found a 3-year-old boy who had been missing for days after wandering off into the woods said God told him to search for the toddler.

Christopher Ramírez disappeared on Wednesday afternoon while he was playing with the neighbor’s dog, and authorities had been searching for the boy for days, using drones, helicopters and four-wheelers to search the heavily wooded area they believed he had gone into near Plantersville. The dog had returned, but Christopher had not.

On Saturday morning, authorities said that Christopher had been found alive five miles from where he had gone missing, and a good Samaritan who had gone out specifically to search for boy had located him. The man, who wanted to be identified only as Tim, credited God with the discovery, KPRC reported.

"Last night I was in a Bible study that we have every other Friday, and there were a number of people talking about this little boy that's been lost, and it was news to me," the man told the station. "I was prompted then by the Spirit to say, 'You will go look for that boy. You will search the woods.'"

The next morning, the man told the station that he joined the search effort and after two hours he found the boy. The man said he heard a noise and thought it was animal but then realized it was the missing boy. He told Inside Edition that he was chopping through some vines to get to him. He had “lost his clothes” along the way, the man said. 

“He wasn’t crying. He had lost his clothes somewhere along the way. Some would attribute that he got hot, took them off. He had no shoes on his feet. It’s a miracle that he survived. It’s a miracle that he was found,” the man told Inside Edition. 

Police called it “a happy day” because everyone was hoping the case would have a positive ending.

“We were just running on prayers, four-wheel drive and overdrive, to be honest with you, because we had nothing else," Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said at a press conference.

A photo of the mom and son reunited was shared by Texas EquuSearch on Facebook.

"He was smiling and drinking water and was in good shape," Sowell said of Christopher’s condition.

Constable Blake Jarvis said they aren’t sure how the boy was able to survive in the woods for three days but said this case “is a prime example that miracles do exist.”

No foul play was involved, police said. 

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