Missouri Man Shares How He Kept His Cool as Car Crashed Into His Home and Him

Sixty-one-year-old Jim Blume said he lives life in a pretty calm state, but the whole incident did leave him in shock.

A man was sitting down at his dining room table in Missouri when a car slammed into his house first before hitting him. What was extra shocking, though, was John Blume’s demeanor after the incident. He was super calm.

The 61-year-old is now going viral for the way he reacted, just slowly turning around in his chair to see what hit him. He said he lives life casually and his response to the car slamming into his home was a reflection of that.

“That’s how I live life, dude,” Blume said.

He said he was working at home when the incident happened and he “didn’t have time to get excited.”

“All of a sudden I was shoved,” he added. “It shoved me all the way across the room.”

Blume said he was happy he was sitting on a stool as it gave him additional height when the car hit. His cool demeanor though was really shock and doctors said had he not been seated at bar stool height, he could have been killed.

“She’d have gone through my back,” Blume said of the driver who accidentally slammed into his house.

When asked if he felt like the luckiest guy in the world, Blume said, “You got that right!”

Officials say the lady who Blume's house had passed out while driving due to a medical condition.

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