Missouri Toddler Survives a Night Lost in Cornfield, Thanks to Hero Yorkie That Stayed by Her Side

The family dog, Heath, was beside Remy, 3, when she was asleep among the corn stalks after a desperate, 12-hour search.

A Missouri toddler wandered into a massive cornfield and became lost, but her trusty dog, Heath, never left her side.

Three-year-old Remy Merritt was missing for 12 harrowing hours after she walked away from her front yard when her mother walked away for just a minute.

"My heart was definitely racing," mom Timberlyn Merritt told Inside Edition.

She dialed 911. "We can't find her anywhere," she tells the operator in the emotional call.

She raced into the cornfield adjacent to her yard, thinking Remy must have followed her pet Yorkie into the stalks. "I was walking through like this (and shouting), 'Remy! Remy! Remy!'''

More than 100 people joined the search. "I thought she was gonna be scared," the mother said. "She was all alone. Didn't know if she knew we were coming for her."

Twelve hours later, back by grain silos half a mile from her home, Remy was found sound asleep with Heath right there by her side.

Her overjoyed mother had her checked out by a doctor, who said she was just fine, despite several mosquito bites.

Remy told her mother that Heath "stayed with her the whole night," the mom said.